Monday, January 10, 2011

Problems With Human and Society: Precursor to How the Universal Machine Will Help Humanity

The system we have now is not nesecccarily bad. It works decently well but the problem is that we are not self sustaining. We cannot, as humans, continue to live like this. If we do, eventually the world, the Earth will break. We will drain it of life and it will no longer be able to provide for us. Right now we are at a standstill, a flat motionless plane, going neither backwards nor forwards. But we have to start moving fowards. As a species, we most come together and become a mesh of combined intellectual to move towards and provide for the commmon good and for survival. In some ways indepence must be taken away. But that does not mean we will lose our individuality. We must start connecting, we must start utilizing the technologies at hand to create a mesh of shared ideas. We have to start forming a more unified and autonomous society. Borders and walls must be broken down and humanity must no longer be seen as a billion individuals doing different random things for their own benefit, but as one whole individual made up of a billion co-dependent cells all working and providing for one another in order to sustain ourselves and continue to prosper and grow into the new era.